5 Ways To Improve Children’s Memory

Children are the greatest gift who deserve nothing but love. They are the cute bundles of joy who spread happiness everywhere they go. While children are naturally quick learners, it also at times difficult for them to remember particular things for a longer span. Their mind is constantly trying to learn and comprehend a thousand things, which is why they tend to forget things easily. Below mentioned are the five ways that may help you to improve your child’s memory

Learning by Doing

Children are likely to memorize things by doing. Hands-on experiences help children learn and understand better. For example, to make them familiar with different vegetables and fruit, you should take them for grocery with you. This way they would remember what they saw at the store as the vegetables were tangible and your kid was physically there to see it. 


Develop the habit of reading among your kids from kindergarten queensland. Course books are generally boring, which is why children have a hard time remembering things from them. Story books are relatively more interesting and engaging and kids find them fascinating for their riveting plots. Reading enables kids to form stories in their heads, which in the end become everlasting memories.


Children tend to lose focus if the substance is dull, boring, or too much to take in. So, when they’re doing lengthy reading, stop them midway, and ask them to visualize. They may even surprise you with their creative imagination and eye for detail. Tell them to imagine a picture and write about it whatever comes to their mind about that particular image. This helps them to recollect all the information and knowledge they had about that image. This activity will strengthen their memory in return as well as enhance their creativity skills.  

Fun Games

Never stop children from playing games. Games such as puzzle and scrabble tend to enhance a child’s ability to memorise spellings and help them to identify the words in near future. Having trivia nights with kids on weekends is also a good idea. It will not only improve their memory, but will also add to their knowledge. 

Let your child teach you

This can be a very exciting and fun activity. Give a topic to your child and ask them to prepare it to teach you. Children are competitive by nature, which is why they will take on this activity as a challenge. It can be a very healthy activity as the child will try to comprehend and decode the information the best he/she can. Moreover, your child’s communication skills will also be improved through this activity. They will be learning how to interact and deliver meaningful ideas through this activity. 

Above mentioned are just some ways you can improve your child’s memory. Apart from this, you can make a habit of asking them about their routines daily. A good diet is also very beneficial and plays a part in improving children’s memory.