Getting your child kindergarten ready

Attending kindergarten is one of the most major steps taken by young children. Although it is an exciting time many kindergarten initially struggle with the long days and the challenging curriculum.

However it shouldn’t worry you because the following tips from a child psychologist would be quite helpful in getting your child ready for the days at kindergarten.

How parents can help prepare the children for kindergarten?

It is important to set up a routine for your child. It help them feel safe and in control. It is important that they should be able to foster their self confidence. There are certain things which parents need to follow in order to ensure that the children are ready to take this first step into kindergarten. They need to establish a bedtime routine. Following a consistent bed time is especially important so that the child feels fresh and active during the day. The same goes for the reading routine. It is important that children take at least 20 minutes a day to build language and literacy skills.  The same goes for meal time routine which is an opportunity to teach children about healthy eating habits.

Staying up-to-date with vaccinations

Your child should visit the pediatrician for their well baby checkup. It is also necessary to get all the immunization done before the age of five. This would enable your child to stay healthier and less prone to infections.

Let children know what to expect

Do talk to your child about what kindergarten is going to be like. Helping them transition is easier when children know what they have to expect. Tell children about talking and spending time with other children and following a specific school routine. Let them pick materials for their school for example their backpacks and pencil boxes. Let them choose their own clothes.

Once the school stars you should talk about your own experience and do which show to us them a lot of questions. Do not expect too many details but let your child talk about how they felt and what they experienced. Talking about the day and creating a family routine can help children normalize their situation much faster.

Parents should keep in mind that kindergarten is a great deal more rigorous today. Children spend a great deal of their time engaged in structured reading and math activities. It is not just about socialization and play based learning anymore. Children have to focus on their academic skills and parents should make sure that they helped them along the way.

All is well if the child is slowly adjusting to the routine. On the other hand if you see any behavioral changes in the child you might need to help them. For example a child who appears sad before school starts or somebody who is reluctant to get ready in the morning. These are all signs which should not be ignored.

Have a talk with the kindergarten teachers to get an idea of how the child is faring at school.