How To Cure The Skin Of Babies And Children All The Steps And Products!

smooth as a baby’s skin “? In the collective imagination, in fact, the skin of the little ones is associated with the idea of softness and well-being . Nothing truer, however, it must be remembered that the skin of children is much more sensitive and delicate than that of adults.

Just as we take care of our skin it is also necessary to take care of the skincare of our little ones : a cared for skin is not only a soft and velvety skin , but above all it is healthy skin ! How to take care of children’s skin ? What are the precautions that we must take for the little ones ? Let’s find out together by reading on!

In neonates ‘s hearing and sight are developing : for this, especially in the first days of life, the skin becomes the’ most important organ of perception . The children learn timidly to know the world with the touch and, for this reason, it is important to take care of the skin in a very careful.

The skin performs the same functions throughout the life course , however there are substantial differences between the skin of a child and that of an adult . The dermis , or the already deep layer of the skin , is much thinner in children , therefore the skin is more exposed to damage by external stimuli .

Furthermore, the structure of the stratum corneum , which represents the outermost part of the skin , is less compact and this makes it less protected against agents and substances that come from the outside.

The pH of infants is more basic : this is due to the fact that their skin has not yet reached that acidity value characteristic of more mature skin, capable of performing a protective function against irritants , allergens and pathogens .