Why should you send your son to a private boys school in the 21st century?

Western education has a long history involving single-sex education. These mainly involved private boys school. Yes, there were separate schools for girls, but that is a topic of discussion for some another day. Back then, sending your son to a boy’s school was a tradition, but today, it is done for logical reasons. And that’s what we will talk about – why should you choose a school for your child in the 21st century?

Boys and girls learn differently

According to a recognized body of research, it has been made clear that boys and girls learn differently. Boys and Girls Learn Differently! – A book by Michael Gurian will help you in understanding what it means. Furthermore, the teachers in a boys’ school better know how a boy learns. Therefore, they prove to be successful at implementing particular teaching techniques, which is needed to achieve better results.

Still, struggling between whether to send your boy to a private boys school or not? Here we have some valid reasons that you can go through to finalize your decision.

The complete spotlight is on boys

Everything regarding the planning of events and lessons to curriculum, the centre of attention are boys, and the trouble of balancing things for both sexes is put out. There is always an outstanding choice of things that young boys enjoy in comparison to young girls. Their speed of growing and developing is different than the girls. A boy can have his choices as long as he wants if he is enrolled in such schools.

Less nerve-racking social stress

Many boys tend to develop later than most girls, and it might get difficult for them to cope up. It might also be difficult for some boys to get comfortable around girls going through their pubescent age. So, to steer clear of such social diversion and build indispensable self-confidence and self-reliance, this might be a required step.

Boys are prone to become prickly in nontraditional subjects and tricks

In a school with boys and girls, boys tend to sway away from subjects and groups of singing or joining the orchestra. It might raise a question about their masculinity as a joke and might cause boys to shy down from their interests. In an all-boys school, this problem is duly being solved as those interested will join and make such groups themselves. Such private boys school intends to break such conventional stereotypes imposed by society and are considered inconvenient for boys.

The learning process of manhood

Again, society’s various pigeon holes can be taken to pieces by a private boys school. A more considerate way can be used to move toward maturation. Everyone has varied interests and talents. Someone would want to become a star athlete, or someone will prefer being a math whiz, or some other boy might prefer something different than the usual. They can learn various life lessons from such tasks like taking competition healthily, the importance of teamwork, love for friendships, and inevitable social interactions.

You might be thinking about how these boys will be able to interact with girls? A boy’s school usually has a connection with a nearby girl’s school, and this topic is taken care of. Many activities are organized for them to enjoy, and it leads to a mutual benefit after all.

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